[ happy saturday ]

Today I will be shooting another video-post that will be on beaded-dresses. I think it’s appropriate to cover some more “dressy, party” topics considering the holiday season and all. Hopefully it will present you with some ideas about what to wear to a New Years party or a Christmas dinner. These are pretty major occasions so lets consider all the options.

Today’s look-of-the-day is of what I was wearing yesterday (I promise to catch up soon). Sometimes when I look at the way the outfit turned out on the pictures I get more ideas about what I can do differently with it in the future. After looking at this particular outfit, it occurred to me that maybe I could try wearing this coat with a belt; I have my doubts about the notion because it is so wide at the waist, but I think it’s worth a try (stay tuned for that experiment).

Here is what I was wearing:

  • Suede coat by “Isaac Sellam”
  • Necklace by “Ben-Amun”
  • Bracelet by “Ciro”
  • Silk top by “Rory Beca”
  • Pants by “Stella McCartney”
  • Shoes by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Leather belt by “Forty-Nine Square Miles”
  • Bag by “Gen Rigo”
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