Royal-inspired Necklaces

Welcome back ladies. Today’s topic is Royal-Inspired Necklaces; those bold statement pieces that make us feel like the magnificent majesties that we are. What better way to glam-up an understated little-black-dress then with an overstated gorgeous accessory.

The Georgio Armani dress that I chose to wear to my friend’s birthday party, just screams for a necklace. The supportive bodice and the beautifully framed decolletage created by the dress, accentuates the chest area – making it the visual focal point of the look. Generally speaking, the impression made by single-tone, evening dresses or tops that expose the shoulders and the decolletage, are also intensified by wearing your hair up and exposing the lines of your neck. On a physiological level, the combination produced by the seemingly-conflicting action of both exposing and concealing your chest (exposing through the up-do, and concealing by the necklace) ads a level of mystery, complexity, and sophistication. The reason that I didn’t wear my hair up for the party is that I wanted to have fun, and sophistication wasn’t exactly my priority for this occasion.

As you could tell, it happen to be that four out of the five of the necklaces I featured in the video-blog were by Kenneth Lane. I might as well have called this entry Kenneth Jay Lane’s Necklaces rather than Royal-inspired, but the Mawi London piece diluted the mix a bit. The first piece, which ended up being chosen for the night out, is a green and deep blue, crystal-embellished, multi-drop necklace. The thing that I love most about this necklace is the round shape that actually stays in place rather than bending and falling to one side or the other. But unfortunately, its shape also makes it quite limiting in many ways. I had a difficult time figuring out what to wear with it because it demands space, skin, and poses colour limitations. What I mean is that unless the necklace is worn with a garment featuring an open decolletage or a tube-top, its magic is lost. If it’s worn over fabric, it’s shape is no longer pronounced and it becomes just another decoration – borderline unnecessary. Its a little pointless to wear statement pieces in a way that de-statementizes them. Sometimes it looks funky and cool, but most of the time it’s just messy.

In contrast to this, finding something to wear with the second Kenneth Jay Lane necklace was a breeze. It’s what you would call “low-maintenance.” It’s helping me complete my looks, rather than my having to find garments to complete it. This is why there are so many more pictures of me wearing this necklace in my photos. If you are looking to get one Royal-inspired necklace, I would strongly recommend this shape and style.

I mentioned in the video-blog that I would reveal a little secret about the third necklace in the article. The secret is that its been altered. I can’t even really call it Kenneth Jay Lane’s design, because it was more of a collaboration between him and my crafty mama. Basically, there is supposed to have been another large crystal stone in the very bottom, which gave it a more triangular shape. The piece fell off and got lost. My mom tweaked something to make it look like it was never meant to be there. Ah, who needs it anyway 🙂
So this is another tip: Don’t give up on something just because of an apparent damage; with a little creativity you can turn those flaws into advantages. My necklace is no longer unusable but a “one of a kind.” It now has character!

The last Kenneth Lane necklace, with the tear-shaped emerald, is classic and timeless. You can play on the green in the necklace with a tiny green clutch. This necklace is a safe choice for formal occasions.

The Mawi London necklace (from their limited edition, panther collection) is the wild card. It’s like a material manifestation of all that a fashionista is – fun, bold, expressive, and not afraid to be different.

The Tip of the Day is to have a simple black dress that accentuate your decolletage so that you can wear those glamorous necklaces or light up the room with something as loud as the panther necklace I showed you.

Thank you for reading and stay fabulous!

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