[ thank you for last night ]

Nov 20 - reddit 017 Thank you guys from reddit for checking out my site and to my brother for being crazy enough to want to surprise me this way.  I am still in a slight state of awe from what happened last night.  My bro made one post on reddit asking you to check out my site and there were over 400 people on it, in a matter of half an hour.  My mom and I had just walked in the door when my brother submitted the post.  I was so nervous as I watched the number of visitors increase and all those comments pouring in.  It was truly unforgettable.  I think the most visitors (at once) I ever had on fashionistatalk was 15 before you guys, and I thought 15 was awesome.  So thank you again!

I am thinking about creating a fashion sub-reddit where I can submit links about fashion related stuff.

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