[ cozy monday ]

One of my favourite things about the winter season is being able to feel truly cozy. The extreme discomfort of being outside in the snowstorm or freezing-rain is offset by the satisfying feeling of getting out of this dreadful weather. As I’m enjoying my summer, the thoughts of impermanence  creep into my mind with the reminder of the inevitable winter to come. It is precisely this notion of “coziness” that dispels some of the negativity associated with the memory of winter. Sipping hot-chocolate by the fire as the snowflakes dance in the window may be corny in theory but is “delightful” in practice :). And certain natural fabrics only intensify the feeling of warmth and comfort. As they envelop our bodies with love and care, fabrics like cashmere and wool remind us of the joys of winter. Appreciate even the itchiest of wools as you layer them into your looks this season. They don’t only keep you warm but possess immense aesthetic potential.

What I’m wearing:

  • Wool high-waisted skirt by “Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti”
  • Cashmere top by “Club Monaco”
  • Silver bracelet with topaz stones
  • Silk/Cashmere blend cardigan by “Central Park West”
  • Shoes by “Modern Vintage”
  • Tights by “Givenchy”
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