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Today my family and I will be driving for about 3 hours to spend our Christmas in the country. I love a change of scenery even if it means leaving the city. I can’t wait to chill out by the fire at the lodge; it will be so country-fabulous. There is more snow, greenery, and fresh air, which should be refreshing considering that I’ve spend the last couple of days couped up in my condo like a prisoner (this might me a little melodramatic but I think I made my point 🙂 ). Anyway, I’m finally stepping out into the world, albeit with slight apprehension and pockets full of kleenex.

For a change, this look-of-the-day is actually of my outfit for today. I didn’t want to put you guys through yet another vacation look this week so I pieced together this little in-season combo. By mixing different fabrics and textures I added dimension and funk to these relatively simple garments. The thickness and heaviness of tweet is balanced by the silk scarf. The plastic necklace subdues some of the scarf’s body while its white pieces help incorporate the plain t-shirt into the mix. The denim and cotton give the look a casual tone by de-statemenizing its overall impression.

What I’m wearing:

  • Tweet jacket by “Pinko”
  • Jeans by “Denim Birds”
  • White tee by “DOE”
  • Long necklace by “Angie Gooderham”
  • Suede boots by “Penny loves Kenny”
  • Silk scarf by “Filippa K”
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