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I went out to see a band last night called “King Sunshine.” One of its members is a friend of my brother’s and I knew what to expect in terms of their style. Their sound is filled with elements of soul. funk, and retro-boogieness, so I decided to go vintage. This silk dress is elaborately embroidered in the pattern of large gold flowers and I wanted to play-up on the gold with accessories, while staying within the realms of vintage swank. I chose the victorian-pendant necklace and the simple bronze colour leather-pumps.

In order to stay cozy and warm I wore the knitted robe-cardigan that I retrieved from, what George Bush called, the “dark dungeons” of my storage-closet (only he was referring to the internet). I’ve had this piece for a few years and the extent of its use never surpassed occasional home or cabin wear. Well, last night I officially upgrated its role to public-wear. I guess its been emancipated! :). It comes with a tie belt, which I removed because it took away from the shape of the dress and gave the cardigan too much of a robe feel. That’s another tip: don’t be afraid to modify any old piece. It will often give it a much-needed revival and freshness.

P.S. I bought this cardigan on extreme sale for something ridiculous like 16 bucks. At the time I had little need for it and had no idea how I was intending to wear it. This is one of the ways in which your collection grows (this is a bigger tip than you might imagine).

What I’m wearing:

  • Vintage-inspired dress by “Kalinka”
  • Knitted robe-cardigan by “Marciano”
  • Leather pumps by “Modern Vintage”
  • Crystal Nepal Ceylan Topaz ring by “Swarovski”
  • Nude tights by “Donna Karan”
  • Headband from “Urban Outfitters”
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