When going out last night I felt like wearing something coquettish and feminine, so I wore a silk top with a high-waisted bubble skirt. But when putting the look together, it felt like the two pieces alone weren’t enough. I wanted to give it an edge and that wow-factor; I basically needed a statement piece to complete it. I chose the Mawi necklace for this task for a number of reasons: (a) its shape is complementary to the neckline of the top, (b) the colour pallete of the two pieces are in harmony, and (c) the necklace is so gorgeous that its impossible to resist.

I’ve included a picture of another girl wearing the same necklace in Ruby with a red dress. Its pretty swanky!

P.S. Look at the 5th picture. You can see the reflection of my brother, Taras, in the glass as he snaps the shot (talk about aesthetic transparency of production process).

What I’m wearing:

  • Necklace + earrings by “Mawi”
  • Silk Ora top by “Mademoiselle Parasuco”
  • Silk skirt by “Alberta Ferretti”
  • Satin pumps
  • Crystal Nepal Ceylan Topaz ring by “Swarovski”
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4 Replies to “mawi”

  1. Ah, I was wondering who your photographer was! I see you’re still updating your site pretty much daily – that is some dedication! By the way, sent you a message through your contact form a few weeks ago, but not sure if you got it…

    1. Hey,
      I have a few photographers taking the pics depending on who is available. My brother, Taras Mankovski, took these “Green Panther” pictures but a lot of my other photos are taken by my dad, Serge Mankovski. I am so glad you let me know about the “contact” issue because I didn’t get your message and now that you brought it to my attention I figured out what the problem was. (A lot of the messages were going into the spam folder).
      I would love to do a collaboration sometime and I will reply to your question in relation to the videos by the end of the weekend.

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