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I slept horribly last night and haven’t been able to get decent sleep for the past week. I really hope this little phase ends soon. Considering that the way you feel often influences what you chose to wear, I’ll be curious to see what I’ll come up with for today. What does sleep deprivation look like in the fashion world? (lol, hopefully it won’t have to come to that).

Today’s look-of-the-day is of what I wore yesterday. The temperatures are quickly dropping so I suspect that the outfits of the future posts will be progressively more layered. The last picture is of Proenza Schouler’s fashion show. When buying this jacket – before seeing this picture – I thought that it would look best with a short dress (how I plan to wear it in the spring and summer). I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that Schouler and I had the same vision for its use. However, just because the piece is short-sleeved it doesn’t automatically limit it to summer-wear. You can also wear a jacket such as this one over a long-sleeve top (as I had done here) or with shoulder high gloves. Before storing your summer clothes away, ask yourself the question, “can I make this somehow work for fall and winter?” With a little creativity the answer will often be YES!

What I was wearing:

  • Jacket by “Proenza Schouler”
  • Leggings by “MARNI”
  • Silk blouse by “Vince”
  • Long necklace with large crystal pendant by “Robert Verdi”
  • Shoes by “Betsey Johnson”
  • Bag by “Renato Angi Venezia”
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