[ lacy saturday ]

Do you know what I did this morning? I’m posing this question because I can hardly believe it myself. I got up at 8:30 on a Saturday morning to go to the Sonia Rykiel for H&M event. I went out with a few friends last night and got back home at around 2:00 am. After waking up, I quickly got dresses in whatever was most accessible and required the least amount of thought, and frantically walked out the door with a sense of purpose. After a few minutes of determined, quick-paced walking along the empty Queen Street, I began to doubt my sanity a little. “What am I doing?”, I thought. “What has my fashionista-esque-ness brought me to?” Thankfully I live pretty close to the Eatons Center (where one of the H&M stores is located) and this doubt and apprehension had insufficient time to flourish into anything substantial. When I saw the line of girls congregated outside of the store who had been standing outside in the cold for longer than I’ve been walking, I felt reassured. Not only are these girls willing to sacrifice more of their sleep for a cause of “pretty lingerie” but you should have seen the speed with which they snatched up their sizes. These girls are fast! I have never been to one of these H&M extravaganzas before, and prior to today the only thing I bought from the store was a few tanks and head-bands, so this was definitely a new type of shopping experience for me – one where you must be fast and decisive.

The collection itself was “feminine, coquettish, and a bit 30s.” I brought a lot more inside the change-room than I ended up buying because the sizes run a bit smaller than expected and by the time you realize it it’s too late. But I was happy with my purchases. I got two lacy bras from the satin series with matching panties (last picture in look-of-the-day).

What I wore yesterday:

  • Cashmere pants by “Loro Piana”
  • Blouse/top by “Stella McCartney”
  • Tank top by “TNA”
  • Carved Wooden Sculpture Necklace by “Eskandar”
  • Leather boots by “Lavorazione Artigiana”
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