Let it Rain (Rain Clothes)


Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain!

There is a famous saying in Russian that “there is no such thing as bad weather in nature” (the saying loses whatever poetic lyricism it had in translation). I’ve always found this notion to be problematic because it’s so obviously untrue. Living in Canada, I’ve experienced plenty of horrible weather that comes in many different forms. So no, in today’s article I will not be endorsing the “no bad weather in nature” delusion, but rather explore various ways of embracing its disagreeableness by exploiting the fashion possibilities hiding within. In this case we’ll be exploring how we can tastefully deal with the unfortunate phenomena of H2O pouring from the sky. How can we make rain work for Fashionistas.

The answer to this question is simpler than you might expect. As I had mentioned in the video, there are just a few essentials that you need to get through the rainy days while staying dry and stylish. There is the (1) raincoat, (2) rubber rain-boots, (3) rain-shoes (for the hardcore fashion-holics), (4) rubber rain-sandals, and (5) a patent leather jacket.

(1) When it comes to choosing a raincoat, I would stay away from any garments that run above the hip in length. There are both practical and stylistic reasons for this rule. Firstly, a “bolero-style” rain jacket is not going to prevent you from getting wet regardless of how waterproof it is because it’s just not covering enough surface. Secondly, when wearing a dress or a skirt, the look appears cleaner when the bottom of it does not peek out from underneath the coat. Because you would want the coat to be long enough to cover most dresses, I would recommend one that goes a little past the knee (i.e. the Coffee Shop coat I showed you in the video).

(2) Nowadays there is an incredible variety of rubber rain-boots. Some of the best designers are high-fashioning them up by adding their own spin to what used to be just a plain rubber boot. Brands like Burberry, Pucci, Marni, Stuart Weitzman, Chanel, Coach, Marc Jacobs, and many more, are finding ways to brighten up our rainy days. Rain-boots don’t have to be associated with chunky galoshes anymore. They have officially crossed over :). Personally, I love bright and funky rain boots for variety; they are young and fun.

(3) Rain-shoes! Even though Marni was not the first to come out with this concept, I think they did it best. The gray rubber and leather Mary-Jane heel shoes epitomize the harmonious blend of fashion and practicality. I wear mine with nude tights and a dress (covered by a raincoat) but look at how wild and unpredictable Marni takes it. All these examples are meant to provide inspiration for what you can do – there is my version on the one side of the spectrum and Marni’s on the other. Maybe you can play around and end up somewhere in between. Just have fun with it.

(4) The rubber sandals are a great summer option for when boots don’t seem as appealing. They are comfy and open, so you can be playful and enjoy those summer rains without any heaviness or stickiness of the boots.

(5) To me patent leather screams “rain on me!,” (lol) even though I’m sure its not good for the leather. So, if you are a fan of umbrellas and have a patent leather jacket you can really work-it when it rains. Don’t be afraid to make a statement even on the gloomiest, wettest of days. A Fashionista is always a Fashionista.

To conclude this article I will leave you with this: “if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Thanks for reading.

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