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What is your favourite fashion era? While hypothetical questions of this nature require a bit of imaginative energy, stopping to consider it may help inspire and guide future style experimentation. Admittedly, coming up with a definite  answer might be problematic because most of us appreciate separate phases of multiple eras, which is okay. I think that as long as the process of inquiry begins, the creative seed is planted and will inevitably flourish into something fabulous and original.

In today’s look-of-the-day I played around with the 60s. I paired the Mary Quant style miniskirt with a vintage-inspired top and  kept it simple with everything else. When my mom saw this look she thought that I was wearing a dress, and when people make such false assumptions its usually a pretty good indication that the pieces look harmonious together :). So I think it worked out.

What I’m wearing:

  • Skirt by “M Missoni”
  • Top by “Marc by Marc Jacobs”
  • Long suede gloves by “Di Firenze”
  • Tights by “Holt Renfrew”
  • Leather vintage-inspired boots by “Lavorazione Artigiana”
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