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I went shopping today! The significance of this rests in the simple fact that in Canada it’s boxing-day – the one day in the year that is supposedly notorious for crazy sales and discounts (an equivalent to Black Friday in the States). I was extremely hesitant in undertaking this insane endeavour but curiosity “go the best of me.” See…I wrote boxing-day off ages ago because it’s just a painful experience. The crowds, never-ending lines, impossible-to-find parking, and the general nuisance of the whole thing makes it feel more like work than pleasure. Nevertheless, despite my better judgement I wanted to check out a few stores. In retrospect, I have to tell you that today I got that full boxing-day experience with all the joys I describe above. This story has no “shattered expectations” twist. I knew what I was getting myself into. But on the bright side, I am a few designer clutches richer :).

What I’m wearing today:

  • Sweater by “Miss Sixty”
  • Zipper flamingo leggings by “LNA”
  • Hat by “Hugo Boss”
  • Suede boots by “Penny loves Kenny”
  • Tank-top from “H&M”
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