[ an experience ]

Listen to this…I really waned to see this show at the Tarragon Theatre (in Toronto) called East of Berlin. The problem is that it is completely sold out  for the next few weeks so the only way to see it is by purchasing “rush tickets.” The benefit of rush tickets, aside from the fact that they are still available, is that they are much cheaper than the regular ones (only $10); however, there is a catch. There is only a limited number of rush tickets available and you need to line up over two hours before the play begins in order to have a chance at purchasing them. So guess what I did? I waited in line…only to have the last ticket sold to the girl right in front of me. I was next!!! But I choose not to be bitter about the experience because “now it’s on.” It has become a matter of principle and now I’m really determined to see this show :), so I’m planning to line-up even earlier next week. I’ll just bring a book.

But the story is not over yet. After walking out of the theatre empty handed I stepped into the biggest mud puddle. The velvet Sergio Rossi boots you see in the pictures were covered in a thick layer of dirt. As I looked down at them in this sorry state I thought, “kick a girl while she’s down, why don’t you.”

What I’m wearing:

  • Top by “Vera Wang Lavender Label”
  • Boots by “Sergio Rossi”
  • Headband by “Prada”

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