[ does length matter? ]

Today’s look-of-the-day is once again predominantly silk and satin but it also brings us to a new topic. Today is my first time wearing this coat-dress by Noir primarily because of its length. Just out of curiosity I tried it on a few days ago with my Miu Miu skirt but after a quick glance in the mirror the “length theory” was confirmed. Length does matter when it comes to creating harmonious combination. If the skirt is substantially longer or shorter than the coat the effect is sloppy and unbalanced. The only exception is when it comes to mini skirts because they are in a category of their own. You can wear a tiny mini with a long trench and look seductive and playful. However, if the length of the skirt is neither here nor there and it looks as though it would line up with the coat if not for those “extra few inches” then I would wait until I had a match or alter one of the garments. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to discover that no only did the texture of the Religion dress compliment that of the dress-coat but their lengths were also a fit. The visual lines crated by the length of a garment greatly contribute to its silhouette and should not be regarded lightly.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk green dress by “Religion”
  • Silk coat-dress by “Noir”
  • Necklace by “Ligia Dias”
  • Satin pumps
  • Purse by “Chloe”
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