[ expect the unexpected ]

Something happened yesterday that made me pretty surprised and a little grossed out. I was having just another workout at the Extreme Fitness (Wellington location), followed by a 15 minute dry-sauna session. After changing out of my dirty gym clothes I left them in the locker while bringing my i-Phone and book inside the sauna with me. When walking back to the locker I noticed that it was half opened and inside it my gym bag was opened too, which I habitually zip-up before leaving. And guess what happened… Someone actually took my gym clothes – completely drenched in sweat and scrunched in a ball. It was a pair of lululemon yoga pantsĀ and a white Adidas top with light green lines. Anyways, the description of the stolen itemsĀ is inconsequential. My biggest question is: who would do that and why? I mean…gym clothes?…really? I’m not even going so far as to attempt to reconcile the moral dilemma of “theft as a criminal act” in general and I am in no way passing judgement on those who steal out of hunger or desperation. But ironically the Wellington location is considered one of the more upscale and exclusive out of the Extreme Fitness clubs. Go figure!

What I’m wearing:

  • Tweed jacket + mini by “Pinko”
  • Boots by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Cashmere sweater by “Julie & Jack”
  • Leather gloves by “Floriana Gloves”
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