[ fur or faux ]

I was hesitant in making a look-of-the-day post on the subject of fur because of all the ethical concerns surrounding it. As a person who obviously owns a fur coat I am not going to make any grand statements about where you should stand on the issue; all I can do is speak from experience. Personally I now feel that the perks of a fur coat (its softness, warmth, comfort, and look) hardly make up for the guilt of knowing their cost – and I’m obviously not speaking in monetary terms. When wearing my coat, after a while it was even strange and unnerving to receive complements about it. I’m pretty sure that this fur coat is going to be my last. Will I go faux with the next coat? Probably not. I’m now thinking more along the lines of something simple, elegant, and non-furry :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Fur coat by “AlixK”
  • Pumps by “Nicole Brundage”
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