[ maxi dress + my little bodyguard ]

Today’s look of the day is taken from my summer trip to St. Petersburg. We did a lot of touristy things when we were there, which is only right considering that it’s one of the cultural capitals of the world. In these pictures we were visiting the Cruiser Aurora Museum and the Central Artillery Museum. Umm, ships and tanks, how fascinating! There are few things in the world that I find less exiting and to me the experience of being on the Aurora was more sentimental than anything. See, growing up during the years of perestroyka means that certain soviet imagery will forever awaken feeling of nostalgia within you. Standing on the Cruses Aurora did it for me. My whole childhood I heard about this ship and I was finally on it last August. My friend’s little nephew (aka. my little bodyguard) came along with us and he was loving it for a completely different reason. To him it was a new playground; an opportunity for climbing, jumping, hanging, and dangling. To each his own I guess :).

The Religion dress that I chose to wear for this activity is a bit paradoxical. It’s completely simple and plain in the front – made out of cotton quite casually and shapelessly. It may look modest at first glance but wait…the whole party is the back. Religion garments are known for these unbalanced and unconventional contradictions. Just when you think you have the girl all figured out she turns around and you don’t know what hit you. Brilliant!

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton maxi dress by “Religion”
  • Sandals by “Marciano”
  • Necklace by Swarovski
  • Leather clutch by “Steven”
  • Aviator sunglasses by “Gucci”
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