[ pockets + dresses ]

Considering how late I’m posting this look-of-the-day that it’s more of a “look-of-the-night” than anything, but who is paying attention anyways… Better late than never right? I am kind of going through some shaky personal stuff at the moment so I was “preoccupied” during the day; my mind wasn’t on fashion or dress-up. But I still love both of those things and didn’t want to stray from our daily tradition. So here it is…

What I love most about this pink Gucci dress is its draped back design and the pockets are genius. You know it can’t be easy to incorporate something as casual as pockets into an evening dress but if it’s done right there is notable pay off. It makes you feel chic, sophisticated, cool, and casual at the same time – not an easy combination to come by.

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by “Gucci”
  • Shoes by “Marciano”
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