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I am still amidst farmland and forests and to my surprise, I’m still loving it. Maybe an appreciation for nature and wilderness is finally awakening in me; previously clouded by the intensity of my obsession with the city. Or maybe I just dislike the country less then a slushy, snowy, cold city. Either way some level of appreciation is definitely there. Mind you, I wonder if I’m turning into more of an observer of all this nature galore, considering that I have not left the lodge for the past 3 days and only marvel at the beauty of this “winter-wonderland”  from the comfort of the living room. This is why I don’t even have a current look-of-the-day for you. There pictures are a few years old but I would still wear this outfit so I think its okay.

I paired this leather and lace mini skirt with a chiffon tank and a cashmere top, meanwhile keeping the whole combination in the light color pallet of off-white and pastels.

What I’m wearing:

  • Lace and leather mini skirt by “YA-YA Aflalo”
  • Chiffon tank top by “Rag Recycle”
  • Cashmere short sweater by “Generra”
  • Pearl/gold 5-strand bracelet by “Mirale & Aya”
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