[ rolls royce + derercuny ]

Today’s look-of-the-day was one of my favourite to put together. The vintage inspired Gil Carvalho boots are incredibly soft and comfortable, despite the high-heels. Interestingly enough, I bought the Derercuny blouse and jacket separately and without having seen the runway pictures I’ve included in this post. Thus far they are the only Derercuny items that I own, so when I finally looked thorough their collection online I was pleasantly surprised that the two garments were paired on the runway. I love the look of the detailed jacket over the simple blouse, which has these unusually long pieces extended from the collar. I suspect that this was the exact feature that worried and confused most of the potential buyers of the blouse, which is also probably the reason I was able to get it on such an amazing sale. What most would view as a scary inconvenience (I’m still talking about the long pieces on the blouse) I see as an opportunity to play – to reshape the garment with every wear. For example, they can be tied in a bow (as was done on the runway) or wrapped around the neck (as I had done here).ย What do you like more?

BTW, the last picture is of Becki Newton with the Rolls Royce clutch.

What I’m wearing:

  • Blouse by “Derercuny”
  • Boots by “Gil Carvalho”
  • Jacket by “Derercuny”
  • Clutch by “Marc Jacobs”
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