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Today I’ll be doing something I haven’t in a while. My trip to the Caribbean has been postponed so I am back in Toronto and ready for the heat…of the Russian banya. I’ll be picking up my mom as soon as I finish sharing these thoughts with you guys. I had another one of my minor revelations last night as I was laying in the tub. I know that many immigrants to Canada who come from places of warmer climates have a difficult time adjusting to this climatic change. One of my high school friends, Gabi, who moved to Canada from Brazil because her mom married a Canadian, suffered from actual chemical imbalances from lack of sun to a point where it negatively effected her general disposition. Be it a deficiency of vitamin D or the temperature drop itself, but Gabi and the winter season just didn’t get along. She moved back to Brazil right after high school.

The reason that I’m telling you this is because sometimes I feel that I can relate to this a little too well. As you may already know, I lived the first half of my life in Moldova, which has a warmer, milder climate than Canada does. I am also a Leo – born in August – which (to people like my mom) means that I’m a “summer person.” Whatever the case may be, I realized yesterday that what I do in the cold winter months is just try to get through them by literally spending as much time as possible in hot environments. Here is the proof: a) I take long HOT baths every day, b) when I was at the lodge I would spend over 2 hours a day in the HOT sauna without even noticing, c) all winter I yearn for a vacation to the tropics like nothing else. If my body physically needs a lot of heat should I give it the permanent fix by moving like Gabi did? If so, it wouldn’t be back to Moldova. But where to?

Today’s look-of-the-day reflects some of that sun-yearning in a sense that it consists of layers of silk, which to some is an exclusively summer fabric ( 🙂 not me of course). I wore a sheer silk blouse over a double-layered silk dress and a silk jacket with a chiffon overlay. I also incorporated some of my love for Cuba into the mix by turning a necklace (bought in Trinidad, Cuba) into a chunky bracelet by wrapping it around my wrist. The large Giorgio Armani brooch in the shape of a horn completes the look, which I was thrilled about considering that I’ve been dying to stick it on something ever since I bought it (over half a year ago). Anyways, let me know what you think about the look.

What I’m wearing:

  • Molly jacket by “Elie Tahari”
  • Silk blouse by “Sportmax”
  • Brooch by “Georgio Armani”
  • Cuban bean necklace/bracelet (bought for 1 convertible peso in the market of Trinidad, Cuba)
  • Pumps by “Nicole Brundage”
  • Dress by “Marciano”
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