[ something blue and bright balloons ]

I’m falling a bit behind again with my daily posts so today’s look-of-the-day is going to be another throw back to this summer. I celebrated my 26th birthday in Moscow last August and I chose this dress by Oktober for my special day. The detail of the pleated silk, the elaborate bodice, and the built in metal brooch make it one of my favorite couture dresses to wear. Considering how interesting and unique their designs are, I’m surprised that the Oktober as a brand ┬áis not more known and written about. Googling for Oktober doesn’t take you much farther than their own website, which is pretty uninformative and doesn’t do their clothes much justice. The name of their designer is Uros Belantic and from what I’ve seen he must be quite talented.

All the balloon activity is birthday related (I just wanted to reiterate that for those who weren’t paying attention) :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk pleated dress by “Oktober”
  • Leather pumps by “Guillaume Hinfray”
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