Vacation Clothes (Beachwear)

When you know your day’s gonna consist of three things

Ocean, beach, and unlimited drinks

There are certain clothes that you need to wear

To feel fabulous with that special flair

Tropical vacations are largely about laying in the sun with a margarita in your hand. Periodically, we all get those vacation-longing images in our minds of palm trees, hammocks on the beach, and sand under our happy feet. But to fashionistas, there is also a unique fashion-dimension to this experience. Tropical vacations are an opportunity to wear the lightest of fabrics in the brightest of colors. Fun clothes add the sizzle to your vacation-fizzle and elevate your degree of enjoyment from pleasant to unforgettable. Beachwear doesn’t have to be limited to Hawaiian-print wraps or straw hats anymore. Expand your beachwear possibilities by introducing silk dresses, large hats, bright jewelry, and cool beach bags to your looks. As hot as the beach already is, you can always work it!

When I say “expand” I mean it in multiple ways. For one thing, you should know that what I call “beach dresses” in my video were categorized as such by me and (as far as I know) were originally intended for general wear. Unless it’s a specialized store for vacation clothes or a resort collection – usually a pretty pricey options – clothing stores rarely carry lines exclusively dedicated to beachwear. So we have to use our own creativity and discretion to find garments with beach potential. The good thing is that this is easier then it seems. All you have to do is consider a few qualities of the garment: (1) its fabric, (2) its cut and silhouette, and (3) how easy is it to take off and put on.

(1)    As I had mentioned in the video, whether the garment is made out of natural, light fabrics is one of the most important things to consider. Personally, I’m big on natural fabrics in general and I pay quite a bit of attention to the material composition of the clothes I wear. But when it comes to hot climates, I stress this point. Silk, linen, and cotton are your friends on the beach. Embrace and enjoy them.

(2)    It’s preferable that the fit is loose. Just imagine walking on the beach along the ocean. Would you rather do it in something flowy, made of fabric that dances as the breeze throws and swooshes it against your skin, or in something tight, sticky, and constraining?

(3)    In selecting pieces for the beach you need to consider whether its fit is conducive to lounging around, wearing over a bikini, and is easy to throw on and off. The garment needs to be as comfortable as you are spontaneous.

This is basically it. I guarantee that most of you have something in your closet that fulfills these requirements and would make a fabulous beach piece. Go check if I’m right and let me know. What I call “beach dresses” are just silk, often sheer, long tops.

More on this topic coming soon. This article is not over yet :).

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