[ chocolate brown ]

After finishing this post I will be driving out to see an old friend of mine, Alissa, who just had a baby. I haven’t seen her since she moved outside of Toronto to the countryside in preparation for her little one. For as long as I could remember she has been a quintessential “city girl,” a fashionable “from lattes to pilates” kind of chica. She keeps insisting that I need a GPS to find her now :). It will be interesting to see her outside of her element, and considering that she is planning on moving back soon the opportunity won’t last too long.

Today’s-look-of-the-day is filled with chocolate hues. The pattered shirt is the visually dominant piece and the rest of the garments were chosen with this in mind. The vest, top, tights, and pumps are relatively simple and are congruent with the skirt in their colour tonality. Patterns are fun but should be approached with caution because competing patterns are often a recipe for a messy disaster.

What I’m wearing:

  • High-waisted pencil skirt by “DIANE von FURSTENBERG”
  • Silk top by “Rory Beca”
  • Knitted vest and scarf by “Marciano”
  • Suede pumps by “6267”
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