[ cream delight ]

Today’s look-of-the-day lingers somewhere in the creamy pearl dimension. The delicacy of the softly quilted crinoline blouse by Zac Posen is given more volume and detail through the velvet trim and underlapping lace. To me, there is something baroque about this interesting piece and I wanted to play on that. The necklace and the multi-strand pearl bracelet are meant to intensify its vintage-inspired quality without being distracting. Admittedly, the long strap of the purse is reminiscent of a different era but I think it still looks harmonious with the other pieces .

BTW, for those who are very familiar with my blog, the change of scenery in today’s pictures are kind of noteworthy (well to me anyway). It’s my room at my parents’ house. I love being here because it’s so “me.” I decorated the room myself and bought all of the furniture pieces, which seemed like a big deal considering that I was paying for my university tuition around the same time. It was worth it though. Now every single item in my room has a story behind it; just like many of the looks I show you guys.

What I’m wearing:

  • Crinoline blouse by “Zac Posen”
  • Cashmere pants by “Bamford”
  • Tank top by “James Perse”
  • Pearl/gold 5-strand bracelet by “Mirale & Aya”
  • Pearl/silver  necklaces by “Peyote Bird”
  • Cuban pig ring (made out of fish bone)
  • Purse by “Francesco Biasia”
  • Shoes by “Guillaume Hinfray”
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