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I was asked a question recently in relation to sequin dresses and I thought that it might be helpful for me to answer it on the blog. This was the message from one of my YouTube subscribers: “I want to wear a silver clingy, one shoulder sequin dress, but I hate my legs. Would be okay if I wore tall leather boots instead of pumps?”

Here was my reply:

Wearing boots instead of pumps is perfectly fine. The only thing is that I would make sure the boots in themselves are relatively simple so as not to overdo it. I also probably wouldn’t go with a really high, over-the-knee boot because it might be a little much with a sequin dress; sort of like ‘lady-of-the-night does disco’ :). A simple tall leather boot would look nice though. If the boots are black, I would probably pair them with black opaque tights because I wouldn’t want to draw too many lines across the body – first the bottom of the dress and then the top of the boot. I think it looks more flattering and cleaner when the boots are integrated into the look with tights.

So there you have it. If pumps are a problem boots are the fix!

Today’s look-of-the-day is in the bluish-grey color scheme. I love playing with colour in general and I especially love combining pieces that look so compatible in their tone, style, and texture qualities that they appear almost inseparable. The combination of the silk coat, the boots, and the dress exemplifies just that. However, the bright chunky necklace is the wild card. While on the one hand it seems to relate to the effect of the look there is also something awkward in its inclusion. I like to add one borderline ‘unharmonizing’ piece in order to make the outfit less ‘matchy matchy’ (as Bruno would put it).

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by “Marc by Marc Jacobs”
  • Silk coat by “twenty8twelve – by s.miller”
  • Necklace by “BLMA Venezia Italy”
  • Ankle boots by “Gil Carvalho”
  • Nude tights by “Donna Karan”
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  1. very unusual to see you dressed like that, but I like it a lot. очень романтично, в хорошем старорежимном стиле )

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