[ miu miu meets mawi ]

I was taking care of “businazz” all day today; I went through all of my graduate school information forms and booklets and created a schedule for the school open-house visits this spring. I actually can’t wait. I love how in order to get into these competitive schools you need to go though a long, tedious process of applying but once you get it it’s time for the schools to impress you. Once they grant you admission the tables turn and it’s time for you to decide where you will ultimately go. My life seems to have entered a “planning and decision making” phase. One last step before I commit.

Have you notices that ever since Valentines in Montreal all of my look-of-the-day posts have been shot inside? That’s because I’ve been avoiding the snow and cold and waiting for everything to melt and bloom. So I stay indoors thinking of what’s to come, and all to the sound of Sade’s new record playing in the background…so serene.

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by “Miu Miu”
  • Shoes by “Elie Tahari”
  • Tights by “Givenchy”
  • Necklace by “Mawi”
  • Ring by “Swarovski”
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