[ they call me mellow yellow ]

When everything gets blah and mundane often the only way to get yourself out of the rut is by taking measures into your own hands. According to studies on psychological effects of colour, yellow stimulates the brain to be more alert, decisive, and even energetic. It is thought to be a happy and uplifting colour that “builds self-confidence and encourages optimism.” Those who consider fashion to be a superficial pursuit fail to remember a simple fact. Internal and external beauty are interdependent and this example of colour illustrates this on the most basic level. If a yellow dress can make you more confident how can aesthetics be irrelevant to how you feel. The saying that “looks aren’t important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts” is not just  a cliche but a dangerous fallacy because it perpetuates the same belief that the external and the internal and somehow separate and even conflicting. When you don’t look healthy and taken care of it’s pretty difficult to feel any different than that. If colour can be uplifting than incorporate it into your looks when you need that lift; take it upon yourself to brighten the world around you.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk top by “Alexander Wang”
  • Zipper leggings by “LNA”
  • Shoes by “Modern Vintage”
  • 2 necklaces by “Ben-Amun”

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