[ lust another banta day ]

I hardly slept last night. My mind was flooded with these incoherent, useless thoughts and the more I tried to clear my mind the faster they poured in…pretty counterproductive right? I’m now sitting at the computer and contemplating all the various ways I could feel more or less functional after such a night. Maybe a cup of tea, with honey…maybe lemon? Umm, I can’t believe I’m writing about tea; this just demonstrates the degree to which sleep deprivation hinders your mental faculties :). I better just get straight to the point.

For today’s look-of-the-day I took the Autumn Cashmere turtleneck dress and paired it with a simple scarf my aunt knitted. I had this idea of wearing the scarf not just as an accessory but as part of the garment itself. I wrapped it around the neck once and spread the scarf over the front of the dress, holding it in place with the belt. This is yet another way of diversifying your old pieces.

What I’m wearing:

  • Cashmere dress by “Autumn Cashmere”
  • Scarf (knitted by my dear aunt Laura)
  • Leather belt by “Rough Roses”
  • Shoes by “L.A.M.B”
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