[ tuesday on the road ]

My day so far has largely consisted of getting myself back home to Toronto. I am finally sitting in my condo, with a latte in my hand, writing my daily post. There isn’t much that you can say in relation to travel attire other than the obvious – “comfort comes first.” I used to interpret this comfort-related, three-word-rule as a limiting nuisance. A stifling kill-joy that inhibits our creative instincts and freedoms. But I now realize that it doesn’t have to. On the contrary, I’m beginning to enjoy putting together looks for very specific purposes (such as travel) because its many limitations present something of fun challenge. As long as you keep in mind what the day requires of you (mostly sitting, waiting, and trying to get comfortable with little leg room and so on) then it quickly narrows down your possibilities. Through my previous experiences I’ve learned to layer, wear stretchable, comfy pants, and to bring a big bag for all my travel stuff. Everything else is a matter of the fashionista’s vision.

What I’m wearing:

  • Jeans by “Denim Birds”
  • Boots by “Sam Edelman”
  • Necklace by “Robert Verdi”
  • Asymmetrical cardigan by “Goddis”
  • Tank-top by “H&M”
  • Fur coat by “AlixK”
  • Cashmere sweater by “Julie & Jack”
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