[ a bohemian touch ]

Today’s look-of-the-day is my take on Boho. The aesthetic synthesis we now recognize as the ‘Bohemian style’ has gypsy roots and is often associated with unconventional, artistic lifestyles. Keeping these two facts in mind is particularly helpful when constructing a boho look because they trigger a multitude of mental images and direct associations. Ask yourself the question of ‘what would a gypsy girl wear?’ and you’ll know immediately weather a certain garment qualifies. Their usual characteristics are: (a) loose fit, (b) natural materials, (c) muted tones, (d) flowy silhouettes, and (e) an abundance of accessories.

Now a days, the term ‘Bohemian’ is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic lives. Nonconformity is the ever-present undercurrent of this aesthetic movement (if you can call it that), and naturally, the same principal applies in the construction of its looks. Freedom from limits of self-expression is at the heart of this fashion ‘genre’ so explore. For example, play with chunky bangle, large hoop earrings, flowy long skirts and dresses, long tops, flats, or broken in boots. With Boho, fashionable is the anti-fashionable.

What I’m wearing:

  • Cashmere top by “Michael Kors”
  • Cashmere wrap scarf by “Donna Karan”
  • Simple tank-top by “BDG”
  • Leather bag by “Berge”
  • Headband by “Priti Moudgill”
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    1. Thank you. I took the pic on Lakeshore in downtown Toronto on the way to work. That’s of course if you mean the question literally 🙂

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