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If I had to rate what my favorite finds are the list would go something like this: (1) jewelery, (2) dresses, (3) other type of clothing pieces, (4) shoes, (5) clutches and purses, (6) other miscellaneous accessories. Yes, jewelery is at the top of my list because it often sets the mood for an entire look without the necessity to dominate. A simple pendant can unify and contextualize seemingly unrelated pieces, a bright bracelet can induce a splash of colour into a monotone ensemble in effect freshening the look, and an elegant vintage-inspired necklace easily adds a degree of elegance and chic to a relatively mundane group of garments. I especially like crazy, unique jewelery pieces that  others would likely shy away from – these little monstrosities are the most fun to play with. My Pellini fish necklace qualifies within this category for its seeming impracticality and unconventionality. It looks like something fishermen use as bate to attract larger fish – not a typical choice for a fashionista. What I love about this necklace is that it serves the role of a statement piece while being completely casual about it – an understated statement – an aesthetic paradox.

What I’m wearing:

  • Skirted leggings by “Young, Fabulous & Broke”
  • Blouse/top by “Stella McCartney”
  • Two necklaces by “Pellini Italy”
  • Suede jacket by “Elie Tahari”
  • Vintage leather boots by “10 Parks”
  • Leather bag by “Berge”
  • Sunglasses by “Marni”
  • Crystal bracelet by “Club Monaco”
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