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I checked out a new play at the Tarragon Theatre on friday night called Hush. It seemed to possess a bit of surrealist and even Freudian thematic undercurrents as it explored the threshold between dreams and reality. This play was the first Tarragon show for my mom and I really wanted her to like it. Ironically enough, at the end of the play, she was the only one fully satisfied with the experience – go figure (nothing can ever bore this woman). Well…overall the play really was good – the cast was strong and the plot kept you wondering the entire time; trying to decipher the possible meaning of the dreams in the context of the characters’ lives. If psychological enigmas are your ‘cup of tea’ you will love Hush, but if not there is always Communion (which I’m planning on checking out next Friday).

This is what I wore to Hush. Admittedly I looked a little overdressed for the event but that was only because most other people were way too underdressed :). For example there was a woman, sitting in the first two rows, who had a huge hole in the back of her shirt. It’s theatre for god’s sake, get with it people :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk blouse by “Etro”
  • Lace and leather mini skirt by “YA-YA Aflalo”
  • Tights by “Givenchy”
  • Shoes by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Pearl/gold 5-strand bracelet by “Mirale & Aya”
  • Pearl/silver necklaces by “Peyote Bird”
  • Short-sleeve faux fur jacket by “Mcginn”
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