[ Moonlit Philly ]

And so my fleeting love afair with Philly continues. The grad school open-house finished by 5 and we were free to explore a different aspect of what the city had to offer. I guess you could call this the “lifestyle portion” of our ‘research.’  After we got back to the hotel, I quickly changed into something a little more…informal. The semi-classic coat was replaced with a dusted suede jacket and the cream fitted dress with a hooded short dress. I was now ready for any combination of site seeing, tasting, and indulging in the ‘yet untried.’ Considering the multitude of activities I planned to jam into the one night, I wore my Uggs for any parts involving prolonged walking. I brought my trusty Guillaume Hinfrays with me for restaurants and lounges. This is where having a large purse definitely comes in handy and the whole switching-footwear-maneuver allows the flexibility to go from comfortable to fabulous in seconds.

What I’m wearing:

  • Suede jacket by “Isaac Sellam”
  • Hooded dress by “Le Grand Blue aka. L.G.B”
  • Shoes by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Leather/stones necklace by “LM”
  • Crystal heart necklace by “Cristal de Sèvres”
  • Boots by “UGG Australia”
  • Cashmere scarf
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