[ On to Philadelphia ]

So, I went on yet another road trip this weekend. Our trip to Philadelphia and New York was so action filled that I didn’t get a chance to make any posts while I was away…but I did take pictures! The visit was intended for both work (another grad school open-house) and pleasure, while it primarily felt like the latter. I had never been to Philadelphia before and the biggest associations I made with the city lingered somewhere in the realm of Philly cheesesteak and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” 🙂 After this weekend, admitting this has become a little embarrassing because Philly is actually a pretty amazing, beautiful, fun city. Everyone at the school was recommending restaurants in the Rittenhouse Square area so that’s where we spent most of our time after the open-house events. I loved the vibe of its nightlife and the food was fantastic. From an aesthetic perspective, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how well the patrons (especially the girls) of the restaurants were dressed. It was such a treat!

Today’s look-of-the-day post is of what I wore on the car ride to Philadelphia. In light of my recent appreciation of LNA zipper leggings in traveling scenarios, I chose my flamingo leggings for this trip. I balanced out their brightness with a relatively plain white tee and a simple asymmetrical cardigan. The black & white ballet flats relate the colour pallet of the two top garments and the pink paint splashes on the Marc by Marc Jacobs mirror necklace pick up the colour of the leggings and the pashmina. Speaking of which, it was my first time wearing this pashmina since I bought it for $5 on my last trip to Manhattan. They were being sold at every corner and instead of buying an “I love New York” t-shirt, I picked up this baby instead. It served me well on this trip so I ended up buying another one yesterday in violet. They are a soft, fun way of inducing more colour into your looks.

What I’m wearing:

  • Zipper flamingo leggings by “LNA”
  • White t-shirt by “DOE”
  • Aviator sunglasses by “GUCCI”
  • Fuschia pashmina
  • Mirror necklace by “Marc by Marc Jacobs”
  • Asymmetric cardigan by “Velvet”
  • Ballet flats by “Bronx”
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