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I saw another play at the Tarragon theatre last night called Communion. To my surprise, its lead character was named Lida. She spent the first half of the play in a shrink’s office and while Lida on stage searched for answers to the meaning of life and attempted to persuade the psychiatrist into offering her concrete advice, Lida in the audience was trying to predict the actress’s facial expression. Unfortunately the character of Lida had her back turned to me the entire time. That’s what you get for coming two minutes before the show starts and getting the most unfortunate seats in the theatre by default :). Was that confusing? Sorry for indulging in the whole Lida thing; I’m not accustomed to hearing my name repeatedly shouted from the stage and it was my way of savoring the moment :).

Today’s look-of-the-day is what I wore to the show. I had very little time to get ready so I went with something simple and elegant. I paired my new Donna Karan silk shawl with a silk black dress and opaque black tights. I own very few pieces in burgundy, probably because I believe in its inherent conservatism, and I seem to have a definite approach to dealing with this loaded colour. That is, I tend to proceed with caution when choosing supporting garments. I seem to instinctively favour black, grey, mustard, and beige tones.

Once again, I was really in a rush so I only had time for one picture (not sure how telling it will be but hopefully it will convey at least the general idea).

What I’m wearing:

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