[ Amber <3 Stella ]

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before that Stella McCartney is one of my favorite designers. There is an element of freshness and spontaneity in her work – a feeling of ease and fluidity. Today I wore her girlish organza blouse by tying a small knot at the bottom and tucking the knot into her low-rise, zipper pants (this partial tucking-in is something I started doing recently).

This is basically where Stella gives things over to Amber. I accessorized these garments with a chunky amber necklace that my mom and I made from a number of my grandmother’s small amber strands. But I wore it rather unconventionally today because instead of using the hook and wearing it as a triple-strand, I hung it vertically over my neck. It ended up looking like a super long necklace with one strand of amber on top and two at the bottom. If you watch the Gloves video this might become clearer.

What I’m wearing:

  • Pants by “Stella McCartney”
  • Cotton organza blouse by “Stella McCartney”
  • Leather pumps by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Amber necklace (made with my mom)
  • Amber ring (made it myself) (
  • Large leather bag by “NICOLI”
  • Leather belt by “Fullum & Holt”

The amber necklace and the bag were featured in my video on Gloves. Here it if for those who haven’t seen in it:

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