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I bought this large beach hat at Century 21 on my last trip to New York. I like to read at the beach and I’ve always wanted an enormous beach hat for sun protection and shade. When packing for California, this hat was neatly folded at the bottom of the suitcase even though the weather forecast didn’t seem too promising. I’m glad I packed it because (as is often the case) the forecast was overly pessimistic. On my second last day in California, a ‘beach’ opportunity presented itself and my new hat and I got a chance to get better acquainted :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Large beach hat by “SCALA”
  • Long cotton top by “Marciano”
  • Cotton mini skirt by “TART”
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10 Replies to “[ bounce ]”

      1. Aww well at least the weather is nice here as well. I am impressed that you were able to pack the hat without crushing it by the way! I can never seem to pack the beach hats properly!

        1. You know why it worked out, because it’s cloth at the top and it folds without any problems. Had it been a regular hat, packing it would have been a pain for sure. I can definitely relate to that :).

  1. the photo is beautiful!! I love how the sand is brown and the water is true bluee =D and ur Hat is amazingg. -peace and love

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