[ bow flow ]

The wind posed a serious challenge to my picture-taking experience today because the bow, which is arguably the focal point of this look, just wouldn’t stay in place. What you are seeing here is not exactly what I had envisioned in terms of the dress’s silhouette and composition of the pictures. I was thinking of cleaner, more defined lines which is what I saw in the mirror at home. Under the influence of the wind, the shape of this loose a-line dress and the bow became unidentifiable. Lol, surprisingly nature has no regard for my ‘artistic vision’ (note the sarcasm please). Anyway, “all is well that ends well.” Even though my plan was undermined I’m quite content with the result, especially because I got a chance to wear my new Marni tweed platforms.

These are by far the highest pumps I own. I found a post about these ‘babies’ on another blog where the writer describes them by saying that “the trend towards shape, tailoring, and architecture melds into a houndstooth tweed, leather and wood block heeled platform by Marni.” I read that and thought, “what he said.”

Follow Up: Someone asked me what colour nail polish I was wearing. The brand of the nail polish is Essie and the colour is called Lacy not Racy. Maybe from now on I will start adding this type of information in the “what I’m wearing” part of the posts.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk/cotton dress by “Marciano”
  • Tweed double platform pumps by “MARNI”
  • Paulette flap clutch by “Cole Haan”
  • Crystal nepal ceylan topaz ring by “Swarovski”
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23 Replies to “[ bow flow ]”

    1. Thank you so much Clara Anne. I’m glad you mentioned Lanvin because I love his clothes but I never made that connection myself. Your comparison makes me appreciate my dress more actually. Thank you again for that :).

    1. Good question. I’ll go measure them right now…ok, they are 5 inches high. For some reason I thought they were even higher but 5 is still pretty high, isn’t it? The amazing thing is that they are extremely comfortable. They don’t look it because of all that wood and obviously the hight, but the platforms help. To be honest I’ve never been too crazy about most wedges and high platforms in general because they usually look so heavy, but the narrow shape of these makes them appear less so to me.

      Love Lida

      1. Wowee! Yes 5 inches are high! I haven’t gone higher than 4…mind you I am 5 feet tall so I can probably use all the height I can get! I know what you mean about wedges, I love the comfort of them but often they look too heavy. I have a couple pairs though that don’t look that heavy and I love them!

        1. Yeah me too. And they are often more wearable and sort of more casual then simply high heels, which is practical. I’m 5’3 and it’s possible that because of our petite frame some wedges look chunkier on us.

          1. I completely agree, when you see very petite ladies wearing big wedges they can look like cinder blocks attached to their feet if they are not careful! :o)

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