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Today’s grad school open-house took place in  Santa Clara (CA). I’ve had this yellow suit for over four years and never got the chance to wear it…or maybe I just forgot about it until this trip. It is by far the most comfortable suit I own – soft and stretchy. Its deep round neckline screams for a necklace and I wanted to find a jewellery piece that would compliment both the suit’s yellow tone and the decolletage. In keeping with this criteria, I knew that the necklace had to be short to medium length and should at least possess a hint of yellow. Out of the things in my jewellery box, nothing seemed to fulfill these requirement so I began to experiment. I was drawn to the Priti Moudgil headband because of its colour scheme and relative simplicity; I pulled it over my neck and… it stuck :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Jacket by “The Wrights”
  • Pencil skirt by “The Wrights”
  • Leather heels by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Headband (worn as a necklace) by “Priti Moudgil”
  • Simple tank top from “H&M”
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13 Replies to “[ business chic ]”

  1. Oh wow, your pics make me want to visit California! The suit is beautiful and I love how you used the headband as a necklace, it works absolutely well and is perfect with the suit.

    1. OMG, you really should Robin. It’s unbelievably gorgeous here. I’m looking at all these schools and I can’t believe that people actually get to see this beauty every day. The campuses are all sooooo stunning and at times it feels like every place I look is picture worthy. It’s almost overwhelming – but in a good way of course :).

      I’m glad you think that the headband works. I think so too but I realize that it’s a slightly crazy idea.

    1. Thanks Daphne. I love the shade of it too. It’s a slightly muted yellow but still rich in colour – ‘lemon shorbet’ is a good way to describe it (you are good at that :)).

      Lol, I’m mot sure how it happens exactly but it helps that I’ve been traveling a bit lately with this whole grad school search. Sometimes I catch myself unconsciously ‘scanning’ the surroundings for interesting spots even when I’m not planning on taking pics. Maybe that also helps for when the camera is around.

  2. Great look, the pictures remind me of an old movie. Was from Alfred Hitchcock, playing on a campus of a university. I guess it was Vertigo. But very stunning outfit. Tres chic Madame

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