[ gold accents ]

Things are quickly warming up in Toronto as the weather improves and everyone gets into a spring state of mind. Skirts and shorts get shorter, dresses lighter, and tones brighter. I can’t wait to put away the last of my winter clothes and only have to choose from silks, cottons, and linens. I consider today’s ensemble a transitional one. Its short but somewhat strict, not quite heavy or light, not only black but white, with accents gold and bright. Wow, some unexpected armature poetry for you guys. As big of a surprise to you as it was to me. Oh, those spring surprises…

What I’m wearing:

  • Jacket by “Club Monaco”
  • Shorts by “Marciano”
  • Necklace by “Ligia Dias – Colliers” (says “FUTURE IS VINTAGE”)
  • Patent leather heels by “Report Signature”
  • Plain tank top by “H&M”
  • Aviator sunglasses by “Gucci”
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    1. Het Bela.
      First let me thank you for the compliment, it’s sweet of you. When I go through my phases of consistent exercise (which usually don’t last too long) I do Yoga and I recently started running again. But those two things aside, whenever I go to the gym I always do the stairmaster, which is (in my opinion) one of the absolute best things for legs. It shapes and tones them in all the right ways. I do it for about 25-30 minutes at a time at level 15-16 (the intensity might vary from one type of stairmaster to another). I try to get myself to a point within the 25-30 minutes where it’s extremely difficult to continue and then push myself until the end; that’s when I’ve noticed most result.
      I hope this answers your question :).

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