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I was really in the mood for silks and satins today even though the weather refuses to comply. I bought this skirt over a year ago and it just hung in my closet until today. The main reason for this uselessness was that I had little desire to wear it in its original state. It used to be knee-length actually (here is a picture of a skirt just like it in a different colour). My mom likes to busy herself with sewing or knitting when we watch movies at home together, so a few days ago I gave her another project to work on :). I had the idea of folding the bottom of the skirt inward and sewing it onto the horizontal middle seam and the skirt was turned into a mini in the course of one movie. The entire skirt was double layered to begin with so after the adjustment the bottom part became quadruple-layered, giving it something of a tutu-style silhouette. The final result was a little different than I had imagined – more coquettish and girly – but at least I’ll get some use out of it now.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk jacket by “ETRO”
  • Silk Cold skirt by “Mademoiselle Parasuco”
  • V-neck t-shirt by “BDG”
  • Long chain necklace with a large Swarovski crystal pendant
  • Tights by “Givenchy”
  • Silver multi-chain bracelet
  • Vintage leather boots
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  1. Thank you Daphne. I think so too. Somehow I just found its original length and style so unflattering and unwearable as it was.

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