LNA Zipper Leggings GIVEAWAY

….I’m super excited to introduce monthly giveaways to fashionistatalk. They are a fun addition to the site so lets get crackin’. To win a pair of these teal zipper leggings simply leave a comment with your name (feel free to leave your first name and the first initial of your surname if you don’t want to leave your entire name) and a brief explanation about how you’d rock these leggings. I’m happy to say that this contest is open to any registered user (U.S. and international, but the latter will be responsible for any custom fees). The contest ends on Thursday, May 5’10 and I will announce a winner shortly thereafter.

The leggings are brand new and come is size XS only. Their retail value is $119. In the future I will be mixing up the sizes but for now the XS will have to suffice.

Here is how I’ve worn mine in the past: Dec. 8’09, Mar. 22’10. Now how would you style them?

Good luck fashionistas,


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125 Replies to “LNA Zipper Leggings GIVEAWAY”

    1. Hey Robin. I’m glad you are excited about the giveaway :). To be entered into the draw you need to leave a quick description of how you would wear them (as a comment). It can just be a few points.
      Hope you finish entering 🙂 !

      1. I would wear the teal leggings with my 4inch heels (I am short and need all the help I can get) along with a button up white top and finish off the look by belting the top with a wide belt! :o)

  1. I would wear my new teal leggings with a long tank, light jean jacket, chunky bracelets, and flats. I would sometimes wear them with heels.

    Love your site,

  2. I’d rock these leggings with a long white skull printed tee or my black american apparel v-neck loose tee paired with my vintage black doc martens! 🙂 I can also wear a long slouchy cardigan or long printed blazer on top of everything. 🙂

    Love your site and you look gorgeous! You remind me of Diane Kruger:)

  3. I’ve always wanted a real statement legging. (:

    I’d wear them with a classic striped t-shirt (long enough to cover crotch and bum), a long slouchy black vest, black platform pumps, and one big teal-green chunky bracelet. On the other hand, I’d wear a nice gold-colored ring to bring out the zipper color.

  4. Oooh so pretty! I’d wear the teal leggings under a grey baby-doll dress I have and some grey heels. I hope I get to try out that look, I won’t know if it works until I try it! Thanks for the chance. I’m more of a small than an XS but I’m sure they’re stretchy!

  5. I would totally rock these with my Hot Pink Boyfriend T and my Leather Goldwing jacket. Of course, my Converse hightops to finish it off. The XS are perfect for me, too. I’m a size 4! 🙂
    Liz P

  6. Oooh – these are so bright and springy! I just love how you paired them with white tops both times; it really let’s the leggings be the focal of the outfit.

    I would want to rock these with black cage-style flats, a grey cotton jersey minimini skirt, and a long, slouchy black tee that nearly covers the skirt. I’d pile on tons of my silver Amrita Singh bangles to echo the silver from the zipper, but I’d go bare accessory-wise other than that.

    This would make for a phenomenal ‘what I wore’ post for my blog – I’m dreaming of possibilities! Grazi!!!

  7. I would go for the hot pink pair. With an 80s look inspiration I would pair with a long tunic lenght white button up blouse belted with a black patent belt around the hips and blousened over. For shoes I have the perfect black platforms with hot pink stiching from Boutique 9. For accessories, I would choose black bangles thick and thin ones stacked. And plastic hoop earings, possibly white. For practical wear during the day (I am a mom of 2) I would choose black ankle cuff flat sandals. Purse would be black and white lizard pring guess clutch.

  8. these are so funky/cool! i think i’d bring out the black in the zipper detail and wear a long black tank and cardigan and some sky-high black pumps or booties. some gold bangles and i think i’d be set! cool giveaway 🙂

    Vittoria V.


    1. Great. The draw is for teal zipper leggings actually, which are less girly than the pink. You might like these better. Good luck in the draw Harrieth!

  9. I’d wear them with a long black top. Though I really like how you have styled them with the white top! Looks so great and I never would have thought to do that!! You have such great style!

    Kimberly Furnel (aka: Kimberellie Miss Furnellie – purplestinkindogtoy.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for the compliment Kimberly and for making your submission for the draw. Wearing them with a black top sounds great too. Good luck!

  10. Love those leggings! The pink ones are hot too.

    Winning these leggings would mean I have something chic to wear with my studded black wedges and little black mini dress.

  11. Ooo these leggings are so cute! I love the teal color! I think I’d pair them with a black mini dress, some black platform booties, and loads of layered necklaces! It’d be such a fun look for a night out!

  12. Ooohhh! Day: Sheer white loose T with a cropped white tank underneath + pointy black flats + long vintage chain with bicycle pendant; or white lace T + black ballet flats + vintage bracelet. Evening: black lace T or sheer black ruffled blouse + black heels + multiple long chains + high bun.


    1. Great. Kendra you seem to have a lot of fun ideas for how you will wear them. Thank you for your submission into the draw and good luck!!!

    1. The draw is actually specifically for teal/blue zipper leggings. Your name has been entered into the draw. Good luck Daiane.

  13. I would wear my new teal leggings (I like the blue ones) under the black shorts with a baggy white t-shirt and black vest. Also I would add chunky turqious bracelets, something like Arab headkerchief (in blue color) around the neck, Ray Ban glasses and that is for the shoes it would be black flats.

  14. soo cool! i would wear them to go out on the night with friends! i would pair it with sky high black funky heels and a a white plain tank top with a long funk necklace.

  15. ha!! dear teal blue leggins, how many ways could i rock thee? well, my default would be with some colorful contrasting socks and my kickass harley davidson boots, along with a tight short dress and a funky purse! mmm, i feel more fabulous just thinking about it.

  16. love the color. minute i saw them i thought of this awesome screen printed tee i have. blues and pinks and purples of an abstract variety with a few scattered sequins. tuck that into my leather mini-skort with zipper detail and pile on the bangles with a pair of big gold hoop earrings and all i need are my big black shades. my jingle-jangle keys, my curls and my black chain handle shoulder bag and i am ready for the day.

    damn. i like these.

    1. That’s awesome. It sounds like you’ve given it some thought, which is nice. Thank you for making your submission and good luck in the draw!!!

  17. i’d love to wear this wit something simple. so i will wear this wit some loose white top then mix it wit statement necklace and for the shoes, i choose black ankle boots.

    ah im in love wit the legging. hope i win 😀 thanks

  18. First off, as a hetero male, I wouldn’t be the one wearing them. 🙂 By as a fashion-obsessed husband who loves buying for my gorgeous wife, I know what I’d put together for her with these leggings. I would pair these with a Three Dots sheer tank top (probably grey), layered with a tight white tank underneath. Peep-toe ankle length boots are a must. It think gold hoop earrings are a must, and I’d encourage her to wear her hair pulled back tight.

    1. That sounds great Travis. Thank you for making your submission into the draw and good luck to you and your wife :).

  19. I’m a big fan of bright colors so these leggings would totally fit into my wardrobe! I would wear them with a cute top and a black skirt with heels.

  20. I love these leggings. I would pair them with laceup platform ankle boots, a baggy white button-up with the sleeves rolled up, and a big black bow in my hair. Oh, and cuffs and bangles galore!

  21. I love these bright colors and XS is just my size! I would pair them with a one shoulder form-fitting mini white dress and a black belt. For the shoes, I would wear a white open toe pump. And then I would carry a black purse. I'm so excited and hoping to win. Thank you Lida for this giveaway. You are awesome!

  22. I would wear mine with a long white dress I own that is made of soft, thick cotton. I'd also wear them for dancing with a lycra tank top or leotard. Happily, my size is XS! Thanks!

  23. I'd wear mine with a close fitting black mini dress, With an oversize cardigan & heels.

    Mercedes Nicole

  24. i would wear these leggings with a loose racerback tank, a shoulder-padded military jacket, and either a pair of ankle booties or a pair of black gladiator sandals. 🙂 xo lizzi

  25. i would wear these leggings with a loose racerback tank, a shoulder-padded military jacket, and either a pair of ankle booties or a pair of black gladiator sandals. 🙂 xo lizzi

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