[ sea lions ]

On the plane back to Toronto, I was reminiscing on my days in California and I realized a little something. My last look in Cali was all about extremes. It’s intensely white, the pants are extremely high, the top is super short, the bag immoderately large, and my platforms notably chunky. It was as though I was unconsciously bringing our trip to a close by embodying the one characteristic that described the trip best – extreme…everything.

California is almost overwhelmingly beautiful and I hope to be back very soon.

What I’m wearing:

  • High-waisted pants by “Marciano”
  • Silk crop top by “Cindy Lee”
  • Leather platforms by “Marciano”
  • Large leather bag by “Plinio Visona”
  • Necklace by ‘Ben-Amun”
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36 Replies to “[ sea lions ]”

  1. I go away for a few days and I miss all your awesome photos! This one is a favorite for sure. LOVE this look. So clean!

  2. This look is so clean and breezy. I love the sillhouette of the outfit, very balanced. and the necklace just ties the entire look in. the overall styling is just amazing. even the background for the picture is just very chick *****5 stars, i favorited this look.

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