[ chain reaction ]

Last night’s production was pretty thought provoking and engaging. The director and stage-designer did a sensational job at involving the viewer. For example, imagine this, the opera begins with what felt like a 15 minute orchestra intro. The curtains are still closed and, as the melodious sounds are emanating from the pit, the only visual we are presented with is this pseudo-abstract image of what appears to be a human figure. Simply because there is nothing else to distract us from this image, the attention of the audience is indirectly manipulated towards it. What amazed me was that the longer you stared at it, in an attempt to make out its exact subject, the more psychologically immersed you became. Gradually, the music almost begins to dictate “what you think you are seeing.” As we sat there glued to this image and as the music accelerated and intensified, it felt as thought the figures and lines were shifting. Needless to say, it was a little trippy :). You begin to doubt your initial assumption and nearly question the idea of “perception” itself. It was brilliant because this tied in so perfectly with the themes and tone of what followed. From that moment on, the audience was hooked. The Flying Dutchman was directed by Christopher Alden and Allen Moyer designed its consumes and set. Their work was beautiful and inspirational.

What I’m wearing:

  • Jacket by “Proenza Schouler”
  • Vintage skirt
  • Shoes by “Nicole Brundage”
  • Long necklace by “BLMA Venezia Italy”
  • Clip-on earrings by “BLMA Venezia Italy”
  • Plastic flower ring (I bought it in Cuba for one convertible peso)
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  1. I just discovered your blog today (after seeing some outfits on weardrobe)…you have such a great style..and I definatly want most of your clothes!!
    That chain necklace is quite fun!

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