[ wild simplicity ]

Today’s ‘wild simplicity’ was less a product of inspiration than it was of circumstance. Our luggage was delayed, so my first day (ever) in California was spent in this oversized cardigan and simple mini. The irony lays in the fact that it is within my general practice to pack all of my most loved and valuable garments (couture or whatnot) into my carryon, but the one time that I deviated from this slightly paranoid practice my luggage actually gets delayed. As a result, my mom and I were “forced” 🙂 to go shopping in the morning. I picked up a few necessities at Off 5th (Saks) for the day and these two garments were amongst them.

What I’m wearing:

  • Oversized draping cardigan by “Young Fabulous & Broke”
  • Cotton mini skirt by “TART’
  • Leather flats by “Taryn”
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6 Replies to “[ wild simplicity ]”

  1. I love what you are wearing and the setting the photos were taken in. I also love the pops of orange flowers you are wearing while standing near the orange flowers….lovely!

  2. Don’t you love having a total valid excuse to go shopping? 🙂
    Of course you had to go the ultimate necessity store of ‘off 5th’ love it. Great finds.

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