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A few days ago I paid another visit to the Four Seasons Centre to see Idomeneo – an opera I knew nothing about. To me, its most memorable features were the emotional intimacy and grandeur of the music (I guess they call it Mozart’s masterpiece for a reason), the mythological plot, and the powerful cast. I didn’t have time to even glance at the program because the lights were already dimming as we frantically rushed to our seats (no matter how much I try to prevent this, we tend to be “fashionably late” to these things, which is pretty “unfashionable” when it comes to theatre considering that half of the row needs to get up to let you through). Anyway, after seeing enough operas their plots become pretty predictable and you know what to expect of the endings¬†– someone is going to die a horrible, miserable death. But apparently not in Idomeneo. It was so surprising and refreshing that every character not only survived the course of the opera but was happier by the end of it. ¬†And it was based on Greek mythology – go figure…I guess those vicious gods took it easy for once.

The day of the opera I was busy working on the blog, kind of lost track of time, and started getting ready only about 15 minutes before leaving. For moments such as these I usually pick out a dress that is embellished enough for me not to have to worry about accessorizing. This Alberta Ferretti dress did the trick. Its elaborately designed jewelled front and silver-threaded pattern is sufficiently glamorous for minimal fuss on my part. I simply paired it with vintage inspired silver shoes, and finished the look with a crystal hair-pin on my braid. That’s the beauty of strong statement garments like this dress – they work for you.

* I know that some of you are having difficulties leaving comments on the site. Thank you so much for brining it to my attention and for your patience. We will be making some major changes to the site tomorrow and the commenting system will be changed or fixed in the process.

* Along with Wednesday’s pictures, I’ve included some pics of how I wore this dress in the past. The last picture is of Marisa Tomei wearing a similar Alberta Ferretti dress from the same collection.

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by “Alberta Ferretti”
  • Pumps by “Modern Vintage”
  • Hair-pin from “Club Monaco”
  • Clutch by “Sondra Roberts”
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  1. this look is so fantastic! i especially love the sandals, they go so well together with the silver detailing in your dress!

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