gold accents

A few days ago our dear friend Roma flew to Rostov-na-Donu, Russia, which is where he is originally from. He is potentially planning to stay there for over half a year or longer so a little group of us got together for a something of a “going away and come back soon party.” As is often the case, I found out about this little soirée pretty late and I had about 20 minutes to get ready. I notices that in situations such as these I usually reach for an a-line dress, long necklace, and heels. To me, this is just bulletproof and one of the most hassle-free; maybe because it feels relaxed and chic at the same time.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “Zoa” (last seen in Apr. 23’10)
  • Necklace by ‘Ben-Amun” (last seen in Apr. 22’10)
  • Shoes by “Betsey Johnson” (last seen in Dec. 8’09)
  • 3 handcuff bangles by “b-side by ken & dana” (last seen in May. 25″10)
  • tri-skull ring by “Alexander McQueen” (last seen in May. 24’10)
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12 Replies to “gold accents”

  1. hello linda …
    that as most beautiful dress you wearing …
    looks beautiful and wonderful lights …
    I've loved all accessories you have chosen …
    very good taste ….
    a precious kiss ….

    I wait on my blog ….

  2. Oops ! I thought those were MARC JACOBS kitten heels. Anyways they are still stylish ! I've noticed you really like Betsey Johnson in most of your pictures there's a Betsey Johnson piece of clothing/accessory.

    Have a very chic day

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