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Miu miu is the younger more daily-oriented clothing line from the Prada fashion house, headed by Miuccia Prada. To me, the captivating part of their collections is their edgy, fresh, and slightly bizarre haute aesthetic. I especially love Miu Miu’s high-waisted Lolita dresses, and the scandalously short silhouettes that so daringly graced the catwalk in their Spring 2008 show. It’s doubtful that the fitted sleeveless blouses with inset bibs-cum-dickeys paired with striped tutus are everyone’s ‘cup of tea,’ for even the most occasional of wear, but this get up still inspires a sense of playfulness and frivolity. A writer for style.com, Nicole Phelps, sees a general trend of subtle perversion and kink in Miuccia Prada’s work, and I would definitely have to agree. This quality may be controversial but it has also become quintessentially Miu Miu.

While Spring 2008 was probably my favorite of their collections, here I’ve compiled what I found to be most interesting out of all Miu Miu Spring pieces.

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