full moon shenanigans

I’m laying out this post in chronological order, with the pictures appearing in sequence of unfolding events. I just had a really crazy day! It all started when, over morning coffee, we spontaneously decided to drive up to New York for a few days of “Manhattanism” – shopping, MoMA, food in the meatpacking district, a Broadway show, etc.  I was pretty excited about the idea, so I tried to get as much done as possible during the day in order to make it happen (boring errands mostly).

What I wore for most of the day:

  • Cotton, high-waisted skirt from “Urban Outfitters”
  • Tank – top by “Theory”
  • Nude heels by “Elie Tahari” (last seen in May 25’10)
  • Long fish necklace by “Pellini Italy” (last seen in May 18’10)
  • 18 bangles by “b-side by ken & dana”
  • Grosi gathered leather sac by “Malababa”
  • Sunglasses by “MARNI”

We were packed and ready to go by about 6pm. There is this old Russian tradition/superstition that requires everyone to sit down together quietly before going on a long trip. The silence usually lasts no longer than a few beats, but apparently this is sufficient for a safe and successful journey. Anyway, as soon as my friend, mom, and I finished this little ritual, it suddenly dawned on us that my mom should come along. Her easy-going and pleasant disposition makes her one of the most fun people to travel with, so the very idea made me giddy with joy. It didn’t take much convincing before we threw another suitcase into the trunk.

Exhilarated and ready for the road, we finally took off for the Big Apple. Are you ready for the climax…the car broke down about a kilometer away from the house. The three of us then hitched a ride with the tow-truck driver that was taking the car to the shop, got into my dad’s truck, and hit the road ‘déjà vu ‘ style. We then came across a jewel of a grocery store the name of which all the Russian speaking readers should appreciate (lol) – any girl’s dream! Ironically enough, as I came out to take a picture of this supermarket-wonder-of-the-world, one of my heels broke right off. Believe it or not, it is the second time this happened with these relatively new, Modern Vintage pumps; they’re made in Italy too – go figure. I guess a girl can’t have it all. What’s it going to be, a supermarket of “long hui” or shoes. I don’t know about you girls but I’m torn (no pun intended).

So here we are, driving into the dark night with my cashmere socks on the dashboard and a full moon over our heads.

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27 Replies to “full moon shenanigans”

  1. first of all I loved your outfit, the green skirt with the lemon top and the cool bracelets—so pretty, second of all—the store and your heels(sorry) it made me laugh so hard!!! great post!!!!

    kisses, Julia

  2. The bangles are not matching to your outfit, but they still look so amazing. The oufit has the perfect relaxed chic look

  3. This must have been a more than interesting day.I love the colors in our outfit, I love the skirt's shape and the nude shoes, and I definetly love the bangles overload:)oh, travelling at night can be such a peaceful thing at times…hope you have a safe journey and a great time in NY.I am sure the next couple of posts will be pretty amazing.

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